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King Cigarettes

King cigarettes are the product of Eastern aromas

Surely, you are waiting for our news about the new, aromatic cigarette brands.

We have some fresh news from Caucasus where new cigarettes are produced in accordance with the Western quality norms.

Please believe us these cigarettes are worthy to mention them here.

These are new King cigarettes, which are manufactured under ISO standards, but have the excellent Eastern taste and aromas.

Maybe, because they are produced from tobacco blends mixed in an Eastern style.

They have a king format what makes their shape familiar to European and US consumers.

But so is not the blend!

Its aroma is rather one of the best East-style scents that is based on certain composition of nicotine and tar.

There is a question of how, for instance, Australian consumers can get these cigarettes.

Certainly, they can order these cigarettes online.

Do not hesitate to place orders for King cigarettes and get the quality product as soon as possible.

We would advise you to visit our store where you will find original King cigarettes and a truly excellent customer care.

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